The olives are from our own plantation, which allows us to control the complete production process. The Arbequina is a well-known variety in the market.
The oil is produced when the olives are very fruity, at the same time sweet and soft tasting.
We harvest the olives at just the right time when they are still green, which allows us to produce the highest quality oils that keep perfectly for long periods of time.

This oil has recently been named the best extra virgin olive oil in Aragon.

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To complement our supply, we decided to produce an oil with characteristics that differed from the typical oils in the area: a different oil, searching for distinction.
This olive is a blend of arbequina y picual.
We are looking for a slightly more bitter oil (characteristic of picual), but balanced at the same time.

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Oil production is very limited as the olives come from centenary trees. This variety is almost exclusively produced in the Pyrenees foothills in Aragon.
The age of these olive trees and their cultivation in dry land makes for a limited olive, and therefore we cannot always guarantee its production in every harvests. This oil is very fruity and flavorful with a slightly bitter tone.

Analysis Tasting notes


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